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This page shows the diverse collections of rare books in the Aga Khan Library, London. We are digitising the collections gradually and will announce them as soon as they are ready. Please stay connected to find out about the new additions to this platform.

Ottoman Collection

The books in the Ottoman Collection reveal almost a century of profound transformations in the Ottoman Empire. Starting in the Tanzimat, they cover the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and the rise of Atatürk and his social and cultural reforms.

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Ismaili Printed Materials

These print books from the 19th and early 20th century cover two essential aspects of the Ismaili community – their history and their devotional literature in the form of Ginans. These books, published in many languages and scripts, illustrate the expansion and diversity of Ismaili communities.

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Peter Avery

Image from the Peter Avery collection

Professor Avery (1923–2008) was an eminent scholar of Persian history and literature. His collection contains thousands of volumes including manuscripts, lithographs, and many rare and out-of-print titles in Persian, English, and Arabic, some dating back to the early 18th century.

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Muhammad Abduh

Image from the Muhammad Abduh collection

Muhammad Abduh (1849–1905) was a crucial figure in the intellectual history of Egypt and the Muslim countries. This collection of books and holograph manuscripts casts a light on his significant contributions to the philosophical and political development of Islamic Modernism.

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